Ingrid H
Caring Therapist Amy takes time to find out about you before getting you on the table. I have never felt rushed by her, this is so different from my experience with other massage therapists. She schedules enough time to be able to spend time with each and every client of hers. Thank you Amy! I can hardly wait till my next appointment!
Mary P
Awesome Amy is wonderful. Felt very comfortable and relaxed with her.
Diane C
Amazing Amy! The best body therapy you will ever receive is done by this amazing woman! She not only gives a great session she is extremely knowledgeble. So relaxing and simply just perfect!
Lee K
Awesome Massage My massage with Amy was awesome. She it all of my trigger points. Was very professional and knowledgeable. I loved her technique. I will return.
Jennie E
Great massage! This was my first time getting a massage from Amy and it was such a relaxing experience. I appreciate the organic oils she uses and just the right amount. All of my tension and stress melted away after this experience. I will definitely go back! Thank you!
Bonny L
Better than Chocolate!! Amy is so smart and explains how my body works as she works on my ailing old body. Even takes the time to show me my exact problem areas and the muscles, fascia and tendons involved and how their condition affects the bones and circulation in that area. Even after a wonderful massage, she'll show me moves or exercises that target my exact problem area to maintain alignment and handle pain. Incidentally, everyone gives advice, but I've experienced actual results, and fast, from Amy's instructions. Needless to say, I want to share my excitement with everyone so have purchased a number of gift certificates (that I'd like to keep for myself). One last thing, I've been to a number of chiropractors who were only able to achieve momentary relief and I had given up thinking I had any hope and would have to live with this pain indefinitely. Thanks Amy. I hesitate to leave town without you!!
nicole b
Amazing! Amy is by far THE BEST massage therapist I have ever been to. I have been seeing Amy for over a year now and I am extremely satisfied each and every time. She is fabulous!!
Carla W
Great massage If you need a great massage this is it!! Amy really listens to your needs and is also wonderful at explaining her observations of your muscles, etc. She is awesome!!!
I feel like a new person after Amy's massage! It's so nice having a professional actually listen to your needs and focus on the problem/discomfort at hand. I truly enjoy the anatomy education as well as all sorts of information on how the body works. I've got so much more hope now. All I've heard before I found Amy is that I'm getting old and what do I expect other than aches and pains. Thanks, Amy, for the new lease on life!!
Kathy B
impressive I was very pleased with talking with Amy and the massage was excellent. Sreally listened to what was going on with me and was eager to help. Thanks
Jan S
Magic Hands! I am so pleased that I found Amy. After a very stressful year, I decided to find a good massage therapist as I was carrying a lot of tension in my upper back, neck and head. After my first session with Amy, my symptoms were greatly relieved and my whole body felt relaxed and soothed. Prior to the session, Amy took the time to get to know me and to discuss my expectations and massage preferences. Her facilities are very comforting and soothing, immediately putting you at ease. The massage was fabulous and Amy's hands are pure magic! She is professional, respectful, and highly skilled. She has a gentle way of coaxing the knots out muscles without leaving you feeling pummeled. I haven't felt this good in a very long time and will continue to visit her on a regular basis. I highly recommend Amy and her "magic hands"!
marvin p
Massage Any addressed all my concerns and made recommendations which I will follow to the letter. Has my vote for LMT of the year.
Gary C
Top Notch Massage Therapist I spent a year searching for a massage therapist. My goal was to establish a routine with a therapist to address normal aches and pains associated with aging and stress. Amy is a solid businessperson who gets to know you and treats you individually. She is not rushed, provides a quality massage, is knowledgeable / continually learns, and teaches you things that are applicable to your situation. She is located in a low overhead, but professional, accessible and comfortable facility. I recommend her to my family and friends.
Great Massage Amy does a fabulous job. She sits down and talks with you prior to your massage to ensure you identify your target areas. She is very personable and professional. Highly recommend.
Heather A
Excellent Amy did a great job and always does
Darrell D
Awesome! always Great.
Heather A
Excellent Amy's massages are the best. She is excellent at what she does.
Jean H
Best massage Amy is ALWAYS intent on giving the best service possible. Her mission is all about making you feel fantastic and she has never failed me!
Jean Heeringa
Massage at it's finest Once again she did a super job! I look forward to my next appointment.
Great Massage Amy is great. She is so knowledgeable and professional.
Mike P
great massage Amy did a great massage,she incorporated regular massage with cupping to help with my ailment. We'll see how it worked in the next few days.Very professional. Thanks
massage very relaxing and helpful. I felt very comfortable.
Todd W
Relaxation Massage Amy's knowledge of the human body is very expansive. Being a personal trainer she asked all the correct questions about current activities, exercise habits, problem areas and mental engagement. She has a great demeanor and takes her job seriously. Can't recommend her enough. Attention to detail was superb. Five Stars....
Heather A
Restless I have been dealing with RLS and Amy was able to take alot of the pain away in my legs from the RLS. I am very satisfied with her work
Roberta S
Remove my pain in the neck Amy worked her magic to relax the muscles in my neck and restore my range of motion. I felt GREAT when I left. Thank you!
Karen F
massage by Amy always very happy with my massages.
Roberta S
Tension Reliefw Amy is amazing at finding the sources of tension in my muscles and massaging them away. She knows how to pinpoint the problem area and relieve the problem. She's amazing.
The best I had my first massage by Amy today and was reminded what it was like to feel relaxed! It's such a relief to find someone who really cares and knows their business! I booked 2 more before I left. :)
Dave K
Therapy on 1/29 Simply awesome. Highly recommended.
Wow! Amy takes the time to talk and truly addresses all needs. I felt great during and after the massage--and slept so well that night! Can't wait for the next appointment:)
Heather A
time to relax I love Amy's massages. She is very friendly and always has a great attitude. Definitely worth every minute of the massage
Pat H
Ultimate Amy is the Ultimate in Massage Therapy, is medically very knowledgeable and is ready conversationalist with a quick wit.
Amy Courville highly skilled Not just your typical massage. Amy works with your nervous system, joints and muscles to help you feel awesome
Roberta S
Thorough Massage Amy never disappoints in providing a thorough and productive session. She not only provided a wonderful massage, but takes time to suggest additional helpful advice on ways to keep muscles loose between visits. I look forward to scheduling more sessions with Amy soon!
John M
Massage Amy was the first massage therapist to interview me and explain methods that she uses and why. I am very impressed by her professionalism. I already scheduled my second session.
Diane C
Amazing Amy Really enjoyed my massage by Amy. She took the time to talk to you prior to the massage to discuss any issues you may have or specific areas you wanted her to work on. The room was tranquil and so relaxing. The best massage I've ever had!
Laura B
Blissful massage for road weary muscles and bones Great way to remove the aches and pains of my 16 hour car ride. Thank you for the special attention to my weaker areas. Enjoyable, stress relieving, pain relieving, just what the doctor ordered.
Paul Zion
Machine leedman and repair Back and shoulders always feel so much better after I see her. She really knows whats she is doing.. The best!!!
Heather A
I feel wonderful As a veteran with many different ailments. I came to Amy looking for some relief. I was pleasantly surprised by her enthusiasm for her job and learning new techniques. I will be a returning customer
Michael M
Jen B
First massage with Amy Very pleased. Amy was receptive to what I wanted (just neck, shoulders and back) and was able to ask for feedback in a way that didn't feel like chatter or disruptive to the massage. I left feeling great and slept like a champ that night. I look forward to scheduling another massage in the summer. Worth a try with a great introductory rate for first timers.
Jeremy M
90 Minute Massage Amy is really good at what she does. She is very in tune and knowledgeable about the body. Best massage I have ever had. Definitely highly recommended. Can't wait to schedule another session with her. If you want to come away relaxed and with a little more knowledge about what is going on with your body, schedule a session with Amy! Thank you, Amy!
Jerry K
90 Minute Massage Perfect as usual! Very professional! Listens to the client and adjusts to get the most benefit !
Donna T
Amazing! Amy Courville is a top massage therapist, knowledgeable in physiology and warm yet professional in her demeanor. She gives a superb massage from head to toe, targeting those tight areas needing extra attention. She is a good listener and responds to specific concerns and needs. A massage with Amy is the best way to leave your stresses behind and find yourself feeling wonderful all over.
Shirley B
Amy Courville, massage therapist I have been seeing Amy for the past year. I have enjoyed each session with Amy. She is so personable, by remembering things we have shared with one another. Amy is also knowledgeable and handles the session professionally. I will continue to share all of this with all.
Jill G
Awesome! Thanks for helping my jacked-upped shoulders ! Great atmosphere and therapist , cya soon!
Julie G
Excellence - at it's finest Amy is incredible. That's why I keep returning! She is knowledgeable, concerned, empathetic, and intuitive. Her hands have a gift for finding - without being told - whether those "spots" are. You will not be disappointed. Thanks, my friend.
Frank B
Excellent! Amy is an excellent massage therapist, from the time you arrive to the time you leave, very enjoyable, thanks Amy:)
Jamie C
Felt Amazing Thank you, Amy. Your expert techniques and gentle touch flew me to the moon today. I felt amazing after my massage-body and mind. Thank you so much for the experience.
Christopher H
Great Massage As a dispatcher, that sits in a chair for up to sixteen hours, I get very tense, especially in my back. Amy is able to work out the stress, and talks about what her thought process is for the next appointment, and tries new techniques. I would recommend her to anyone that needs a good massage!
Kristin M
Excellent care As always, Amy did a fabulous job with my massage! She always finds the knots I didn't know I had! Amy works her magic every time!
Daniel L
massage excellent. i am actively recommending Amy to friends and acquaintances. Best therapist i have ever had.
Paul Zion
Happy Felt great afterwords she knows what's she doing I will be back.
dan l
massage awesome. top notch massage, great business. must have at least once a month.
Massage This was one of the best massages I have every had however the receptionist was rude on the phone and the day of the appointment.
Theresa H
Massage Massage by Amy
Jaime O
Massage I love my massages with Amy. I feel she is truly gives one of the best, most relaxing massages I have ever had. I will continue to fit massages from her into my budget as my splurge to treat myself for some relaxation.
Linda M
massage Amy goes above and beyond excellent giving a muscle relieving massage--it was wonderful. Can't wait to return.
Roberta S
Massage gets the stress out! Amy is awesome at working through the knots and relieving the stress build up. She also takes the time to explain what she found and how best to attack the issues. Best way to spend an hour!
Lynn P
Message review Amy is a wonderful message therapist. She has a strong knowledge of anatomy and physiology along with the skills and ability to personalize the therapy to meet your specific needs! She is the best.
Professional Therapy Amy is a skillful and caring therapist!
Jaime O
Relaxation Amy's massages are the most relaxing I have ever had. She knows her stuff and really listens to your needs if something needs more work.
Daniel F
Relaxing, professional I went around to various places getting massages, Amy is by far the best that I've encountered! She knows what parts of your body need attention just by doing what she does! I have to admit, she's the first massage therapist that put me to sleep if only for a split second. Three times in a session at that. Bottom line, she's earned my trust with her work and my loyalty with her prices and free minute credits for referrals! You will be pleased.
Amy B
Relaxing, yet therapeutic... My massage was absolutely wonderful. Amy was able to release my muscles that were tight without causing any undue pain to me. I was relaxed and comfortable the whole time. Thank you Amy! I feel great and will be back again.
Dave R
The BEST!! Amy is the first to get me so relaxed that I fall asleep not once, but twice to the point that I cant remember her doing my legs and feet! I felt so energized after this last massage...something that has never happened in any other massage!
Cathy Z
totally awesome you won't regret a massage by Amy. I look forward to my weekly massages and leave there feeling wonderful
wonderful Thank you so much!! I needed this today after a long day yesterday. I enjoy your massages.
Jerry K
Neck and shoulder pain Very knowledgeable and professional Manner. Listens to the client and tailors the massage to correct the problem area.
Lisa N
Massage Angel Amy is my favorite massage angel. So relaxing, while loosening up my shoulders and back. She definitely knows what she's doing.
Pat H
Amy Courville Amy is...And I hate to submit this as it may reduce her availability to me. Extraordinarily perceptive, medically knowledgeable, personable and...I will not go anywhere else. Gifted and has a unique talent for her skills.
Jack L
Great Massage I have been receiving massages for many years with 5 different massage therapists and by far Amy has been one of the best. I walk out very relaxed and feeling great.....can hardly wait for my next appointment.....
Pat H
Amy Courville Massage Therapy
Bill P
Baack pain relief great massage for relief of my lower back pain
David K
60 minute deep tissue Nice massage very relaxing